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Closed.. until further notice

Please visit:
http://singlecreatives.blogspot.co.uk/ for all your creative coupling up needs.
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The First Search Party

The first party is ok go. The details are below.

Time: 3 - 5 PM
(Please arrive at 2.45 PM for registration)
Date: Tuesday 11th May 2010
Place: Marvel
196 Fulham Road,
London SW10 9PN

Please email Polly at polly.casb(at)gmail(dot)com to book your place.
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Industry Events

Nov 2001
- D&AD
Harry Pearce
Logan Hall, London

- D&AD
Pechakucka 7-8.30pm

Oct 2001
- Glug
With Airside

- D&AD
KiBiSi - What happens when design, architecture and ideation collide
President's lecture

- Cultivation
Creative Sunday Sessions at Counter Culture London.
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Other help!

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It is all about getting creatives together. Originally started to help advertising creatives find that perfect partner to work with.

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At any event they will always be someone who gives you ‘a golden nugget’. This nugget might be a word of advice, a new connection, a question and different view point. Hold on to these nuggets, they will benefit you; sometimes immediately and sometimes a while later. Conversation is one of the best learning tools.

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Hello You Creatives - for giving lots of advice and really getting involved in the promotion. You guys are brill!
Single Creatives
D&AD - your tweets - they're gold dust
She Says - showing us how great networking events are done
Raw Material - for setting us up with our first venue and blogging about us
NABS - keep up the good work

Facebook Groups:
"Careers in Marketing, Advertising and PR"
"The Young Creative Council"
"Looking for a creative partner in London"
"Job networking"
"Mint People"
"Advertising applicants 2010"

Marvel - yummy cocktails and a very cool venue
Jetlag Bar and Restaurant - thanks for letting us take up so much space

Rhiannon James - a fantastic mentor
Dan Evans - is "project friendly". He never stops doing lovely things for people
Katie Huggins
Will Knox - thanks for all your support and advice
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Past events

* The Search Party 2 - 5th July 2010 - Jetlag

Another great turn out! Thanks to all who came and made it a productive evening.

* The First Search Party - 11th May 2010 - Marvel

Thanks to all who attended yesterday, and made the first Search Party a success. And a extra special thanks to the industry chaps who came down to support and give advice.
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